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Understanding the Value of Your Stamp Collection

Stamps present a variety of pleasures. There are many stamp collectors that are engrossed with the image on the stamp, the country, or the history. Every stamp contains its own elegant beauty, and each is classified into its own category. Read More >


Why You Should Consider Collectors Insurance for Your Classic, Vintage Car 

When we have a passion for cars, we automatically begin to see ways in which we can fix miscues and increase the value of every vintage car we come across. It’s a hobby that we couldn’t imagine living without, but soon we think about insuring our prized possession to help us receive the coverage and protection we need in case something happens. Read More >


Collector Coin Values Rising: When You Should Provide Protection for your Coins

The collector coin market is expanding. Values are rising and the demand for rare coins remain strong. This is evident by the number of coin auctions we are seeing, as well as the number of thefts and burglaries we’ve seen in 2015 alone.  Read More >


Value for Classic and Collector Vehicles Expected to Rise in 2015

Car collecting has gone to a whole new level in recent years, and the amount of money raised at auctions has drastically increased. Throughout 2014, classic cars were auctioned off at record prices, totaling a whopping $1.3 billion to collectors in North America. When there’s a demand, the supply will follow suit.  Read More >


Benefits of Insuring your Sports Memorabilia Collection

We spend years starting and growing our collection of sports memorabilia that by now it could be worth thousands of dollars. Whether you’re seeking autographs at a game or attending events where your favorite player is signing, your collection can include everything from signed helmets, hats, jerseys, cards, pictures, and more.  Read More >


Why a Customized Insurance Policy is the Best Way to Protect Your Valuable Collections

We all like to collect specific items. It’s a hobby, and once we delve deep enough into that hobby, our collection earns some value. Whether it’s coins, stamps, figurines, dolls, guns or memorabilia, we want to ensure they’re protected. Many homeowners policies don’t provide adequate coverage appropriated to the value of our collection, leaving us to find other avenues of protection. Read More >


Collectibles Spotlight

Collecting dolls over the past 30 years has been a very meaningful chapter in my life. Raising two boys as a single mom and working 30 years in the mental health field, my hobby helped sustain my own mental health. Researching antique dolls, reading everything I could get my hands on about antique dolls, participating in a doll club, and, of course, searching for that special doll were all a fun departure from my often stress-filled job. Now that I’ve retired, I finally have the time to give many hours a week to my doll activities, including doll repair, arranging displays, and even buying and selling doll accessories on eBay. Read More >

Collectors' Stories

This is my 1967 Chevelle Malibu. Its significance other than its age, is the year I married my wife. I found it in a cornfield in Saratoga NY, all shot full of bullet holes. I had it flat bedded to my house and put four years of work into it, searching junk yards for parts. Finally it is a fully functional shinning jewel. Read More >